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Meet The Co-Founders

Sam and Klaudia endeavoured to create a long-lasting product to help capture the human ingenuity. In collaboration with leading researchers and manufacturers throughout the nation, Etch is excited to announce the upcoming launch of EtchPad, the world's first museum-grade notebook made in Ireland!

Chief executive of Etch

Klaudia Auer, CEO

A decisive leader that values learning from every member of the team to overcome any business adversary. Klaudia enjoys discussing world-changing ideas over a cup of coffee.

"Sam and I found a real need for archive-grade notebooks..."

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Chief technology officer of Etch

Sam Lotte, CTO

Being technically-inclined since birth, Sam manages the technological side of Etch and successfully so. A laptop bag filled with notes and boxes of Zarigani sushi is a common sight at his office.

"My background is technology but there's nothing like using using pen on soft cotton paper..."

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