Three EtchPad notebooks lined up against a wall
In the image above, there are three orange EtchPad notebooks placed side-by-side against a wall. One A5 size notebook on the left and two A4 notebooks on the right. Shadows outline the edges of these notebooks.

EtchPad is the last notebook you will ever need.

Learn how your new companion tansforms your creative experience.

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EtchPad notebook placed on a bedsheet along with various stationery

Bring your ideas to life, forever.

Thanks to our proprietary paper technology and museum-grade material, your work is protected from yellowing or fading. Safely put away your EtchBook with peace of mind, knowing that your efforts are preserved for decades.

Museum-grade | Archive-grade Material

EtchPad notebook with typography artwork beside pens and markers

Unleash your artistic styles.

Etchpad works well with pen, ink, airbrush, or pencil.
Elegantly capture every thought and motion onto four blankets of 100% cotton.

4-Ply 100% Cotton | Smooth Bristol Paper

Different variations of EtchPad

Make your EtchPad unique.

Choose from a curated list of a thousand colors. Hardback or paperback cover; lined, squared, dotted or blank pages, make it yours!

Custom Colors | Covers | Page-lining

EtchPad notebook with writing in ink pen

Be creative anywhere.

EtchPad is easy to carry, weighing as little as 500 grams with portable sizes at A4 and A5. With up to 500 pages available, you will always be ready for that moment of inspiration.

500 grams | 500 Pages | A4 and A5

EtchPad in Everyday Life

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